My name is Anna Muller. I am a Russian photographer and collage artist based in Paris, France.

I was born in 1981 in Izhevsk. I began shooting over 9 years ago. I graduated from the International Academy of Photographic Arts (Moscow). In 2013, I received a European Master of Photography degree at the Spéos Paris Photographic Institute.

I also spent five years living and working in Tokyo, Japan. The rich traditions of Japanese culture played a major part in the development of my self-discipline, attention to detail and responsiveness.

My greatest inspiration is colour. I see, hear and feel everything through colour. It is my poetry, my music, and my passion.

As an artist, I look for different ways to express my ideas. I discovered that collage art and photography allow me to step beyond the actual form in visualising my sense of humour and self-irony.


2016 September, Personal collage exhibition "Self-portraits in the forest", LIFT gallery, Izhevsk, Russia;

2016 July, Collective photo exhibition "Photo-Roman" / Havas Gallery, Arles, France;

2016 May, Personal photo exhibition "Natural Colour"/ JK Holdings Gallery, Tokyo, Japan;

2015 November, Personal collage exhibition "Little Dreamy Portraits"/ Speos Gallery, Paris,    France; 

2015 April, Personal collage exhibition "Little Dreamy Portraits"/ Art for Thought Gallery, Tokyo, Japan;

2014 Personal exhibition "Le Truc"/ Gryphon Gallery, Izhevsk, Russia;

2013  Foire Internationale a la Photo Prix de la Creativite.

2013  International Fine Art Competition Grand Prix de la Decouverte;

2011  International collective photo exhibition "Fashion"/ Manege, St. Petersburg, Russia;

2010  Personal exhibition "Made in China"/ Gryphon Gallery, Izhevsk, Russia.